Fiona & George

Fiona and George are the caretakers of Kinmount House and have taken on the responsibility of restoring the house for their children and future generations.

George was brought up in the house as a child and moved out when it was sold by his parents in 1982. The House belonged to his mother’s side of the family. His great grandfather, Edward Brook purchased the house. George’s background has mainly been in agriculture with a 10 year stint working for a large landscaping firm working on big building sites throughout Lancashire. This has stood him well for this project as he has been in control of bringing the grounds and gardens back to life as well as organising the technical issues within the house.

Fiona has been married to George for over 20 years and her background before moving to Scotland from London was in the antique Jewellery trade, and this has gifted her with a good ‘eye’ for detail. Fiona’s role is mainly with the restoration of the inside of the house as she does not trust George’s ‘eye,’ as she says the house would look like a pub if he was left in charge! His answer to that was “well it would be a bloody good party then”.

Together they work as a great team and after more than 20 years of marriage they understand each other’s qualities and trust each other’s decisions. Fiona and George look forward to welcoming new couples embarking their next “journey of life” and are so excited to be part of it.

Newlyweds smiling gleefully